Wednesday June 22:

20:00 Informal dinner and get-acquainted session at The Swan (optional)

Thursday June 23:

09:00 Introductions and welcome (Jim Hartley)

09:30 Session 1. Opening remarks: Anne Murphy. Group discussion on John Houghton, A Collection for the Improvement of Husbandry and Trade and the anonymous, Plain Dealing: In a Dialogue between Mr. Johnson and Mr. Wary

11:00 Session 2. Chair: Natalie Roxburgh. Neil Agarwal: Yellowing the Logarithm: How Money Solved the Problem of Freedom

13:00 Lunch on site

14:00 Session 3. Chair: Lina Weber. Jim Hartley: Farewell to the Honest Hive: Mandeville and the Ethical Revolution

15:45 Session 4. Chair: Anne Murphy. Brendan Twomey: ‘The Doctor is now able to lend two thousand pounds, at five per cent, upon good security’; Swift’s personal financial management practices and the moneyed interest – criticism or emulation?

19:00 Dinner at Booth’s Bookshop.

Friday June 24:

09:00 Session 5. Chair: Helen Julia Paul. Aaron Graham: The transatlantic financial revolution and the St Kitts and Nevis Debentures, 1711-21

11:00 Session 6. Chair: Chris Fauske. Lina Weber: The British discourse on Dutch investments in the eighteenth century

13:00 Lunch on site

13:45 Transport from The Swan to Tredustan Court, childhood home and inheritance of Joseph Harris’s eventual wife, Anne Jones

14:30 Session 7. Chair Jim Hartley. Peter Moody: A new view on Joseph Harris’s Essay on Money and Coins (1757 & 1758) and Stanesby Alchorne’s Part III

15:45 Session 8. Chair Paul Greatbatch. Jenny Moody: Biographical problems of Joseph Harris, a shy polymath

Followed by a look around the house and a wander around the garden afterwards to enjoy the Black Mountains, the river Llynfi, the space and the views (“designed not to fulfil the requirements of the Picturesque Movement but to give the Normans 700 years earlier maximum notice of an impending Welsh attack!”)

19:00 Dinner at Tredustan Court

21:15 Transport back to The Swan

Saturday June 25

09:00 Session 9. Chair: Aaron Graham. Andrew McDiarmid: ‘Neither Murderer nor Gambler, nor Remembered’: The Legacies and the Monetary Theories of John Law and Andrew Brown Compared

10:30 Session 10. Chair: Andrew McDiarmid. Natalie Roxburgh: Conveying disinterestedness: Mechanical philosophy, literary tropes, and state finance

12:00 Working lunch

19:00 Dinner at Red Indigo