The association's focal point is a series of biennial colloquia. The colloquia are designed to encourage scholarly interaction in both formal and informal ways. A small number of participants are invited, generally around twenty. Participants meet over two or three days in a series of sessions devoted to topics designed to be of general interest to the group. Some are asked to give papers on their current work. Others are invited to introduce the group to relevant developments within their own disciplines or to lead discussions on contemporary or secondary readings pertinent to the association's general themes. Some attend simply because they are knowledgeable about or interested in some aspect of the financial revolution and keen to learn and contribute to the discussion. Only a small amount of time (usually 5 minutes per speaker) is allotted to introductory remarks. It is assumed that all participants have read the relevant papers in advance of the sessions. The emphasis is upon discussion and debate. All participants are expected to attend the group lunches and dinners, the costs of which, excluding alcohol, are covered by the organizers, if possible. Post-dinner discussions often last long into the evening.

Locations and Dates